ListenToYoutube - Youtube Mp3 Converter online

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Listentoyoutube is an old service exactly up our alley - it's a great Youtube mp3 converter and it has long history of delivering free music to the masses. There is a feeling that this .online domain version is not the same people that did original .com domain version that disappeared maybe in January 2019. But maybe it's them, who knows. Why Listen To Youtube This site's main idea is that instead of watching all these videos online, you can just download them as mp3 and listen to (Youtube Read more

Mp3.Fishing - Youtube Downloader Mp3

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Lots of things are happening all over the world, but one fact remains certain - there're tons of free music on Youtube, and everyone should get whatever tracks they want free and easy. And is the place to do that. Simply drop a line with some keywords hooked to it, and moments later you pull out fat tasty fish (song, of course, it's about music and songs). Sorry for my weak attempts at capitalizing on this site's name... I guess they already did it and owned it, so now I can't come Read more

SaveVideo - Save Online Videos

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This one is about SaveVideo - the 2nd spot in the top 5 of Saveclipbro alternatives. The list we published is having quite a feedback in the community of online video downloaders, so it's time to continue reviewing sites in that list, as it was published without anything yet reviews. So far thought we've covered Keepvid review and Savemedia review. Not time to touch up on SaveVideo. Save online videos with SaveVideo The website name is quite straightforward. It exists to help you save video. Read more

SaveMedia - Save Youtube video

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Hello. Here's another review of the 1 of top 5 online video downloaders and converters to replace Saveclipbro that was shut down just weeks ago. Now I am looking at SaveMedia, the 3rd position in the list of alternatives to SaveClipBro. Savemedia promises to help save Youtube video to your device. And being the proper Youtube downloader & converter, Savemedia also helps to convert Youtube videos to mp3. That's what they are all about - both video and audio downloads, but not just audio as Read more

Keepvid - video downloader online

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Yesterday I posted my take on best 5 alternatives for SaveClipBro, and now I realize of course it was more of a rush decision. Yes, the site is down and many users are looking for a replacement, thus I wanted to offer my 2 cents.. But I now see that none of the sites in that list are reviewed yet... Not here, at least. So my task for next few posts will be reviewing the top 5 Saveclipbro replacements.. 🤣🤣 Keepvid video downloader online Keepvid was the first one in that list. I personally Read more

SaveClipBro shutdown. Check top 5 alternatives!

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It is a sad month in lives of many video enthusiasts like myself. Saveclipbro, a great website and an even greater app, has been gone, shut down and is now displaying "This project has been closed" (cry of despair, if you ask me) on their main page.. Here's what it looks like for me: It is a sad month indeed.. Right after Youtubnow was closed without any notice, and finally the big fish - convert2mp3 was also taken offline.. I mean, those happened in May and June respectively, but still such Read more - Best Youtube to mp3 converter

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And here comes the fist review. In my second post and first review, I would like to talk about Youtubemp3. It's a great youtube to mp3 converter, in my opinion - one of the best. And below I will try to prove to you that this service is as amazing as I imagine it to be. Meet Youtubemp3 today The website is awesome, it's very fast and easy to use. It only works with Youtube videos, and in best times it offers several download options from different sources, so that you could pick the fastest one Read more

What is this site about?

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Hello. With this first post I am finally opening my website for Youtube downloaders reviews. Why did I start this site? Mostly to talk about other sites and projects that help make our lives easier by assisting with video downloads that would be considered overly complicated otherwise. Does it make things clear? I know there are other sites that do exactly same - talk about these resources and discuss, and even Wikipedia has a page, but we all know anyone can edit that thing.. But my site will Read more