Top 5 Best Youtube video downloaders online

As usual after next Google core update, this time it's December 2020 Core Update, what happens is that it really affects Youtube downloader community and search results Google presents. I think it has to do a lot with constant delisting and those sites getting around that by coming up with new URLs for their homepages and such... And so each next Google update, among 1000s of other things, are probably trying to address this issue as well..

And so in the first few weeks after it happens, first pages of search results get heavily reshuffled and mostly replaced with blogs. While downloader sites themselves are considered evil, blogs talking about them are not, because you can talk about whatever you feel like, this is US of A, ey? 😁😁

In any case, let me present you with top 5 currently working and functioning Youtube downloader websites, and you feel free to chose the one you like. They are all tested and working as of right now writing this article end of 2020... % sites are listed in no particular order, and thus no ranking is given, since none of them wanted to pay to be first in this article.. LOL, just kidding...



Very old site with millions of followers, users, devoted and coming back for more. This is not the same site, it's an imitator version with a bend on Soviet Union theme... Visit this Y2mate, it's free, safe and secure, has no redirects or popups, doesn't bother you with ads, all about business..



Here comes another Flvto version imitator.. But it looks great and is making it into our top 5 because it's free, safe and secure. It has no malware, no attempts to take your browser hostage with push notifications or anything like that. Although if you're reading this article in the future, in 2022 or later maybe and it's been 2-3 years since i'm sitting here writing.. Oh well, then you maybe seeing this site with a lot of traffic, fully monetized, with popups and notifications all the way.. But for now we can enjoy it being new and clean.



No no rush here, take your time, this seems like a trick. But no, there's no trickery here, the truth is out there. Ytmp3 is capable of both downloading video from Youtube as mp3 or mp4 file, so as to produce audio or video format respectively.



Yet another great site for all your video download needs. This one will help download videos from several hundred online depositories and communities, including most social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It's a nice little URL sniffer that will deliver video to your device, check out Keepvid.



And here comes the main Youtube downloader - Ymp4, it's fast, it's subtle, it's really good with video detection and extraction. It can also convert Youtube videos and some other most popular (and worthy sources) to mp3 format. Check it out.. Same as previous one - Keepvid - this site is plagued with ads and popups. Be careful do not accept any installs. It doesn't offer any, but as you know popups are a pain in a butt, so be careful...



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