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Youtube mp3 cloud is not for everyone. It's not for the prune who thinks Youtube music must be on Youtube. It's for the free soul, who understands that nobody can afford to buy all the music in the store, and to skip the recording off the radio process, sites like this one exist, ready to help.

This one is called and it comes clean and safe for use even in household with virgins.. Yes, I said it.. People, don't be crying about sexual ads, if you are out there looking for free music.. Those somehow always come together. If you are stepping over the line and basically using these tools to skip paying the fees - you will run into some malicious entities that will try to take over your computer or at least have you clicking multiple links trying to close all the opened ads... Yes, that is normal. Not on this website, though. This one is quite clean and nice, check it out.

For now I'd like to describe several of this site's nice features. Let's start with the most desirable in such a website - built in music search on Youtube.

Search for music on Youtube

It can be done of course right on Youtube's website, but you can also find music on Youtube mp3 converter site . For that simply click or tap in the white box on top. It's the search entry box, you need to type in some words and it will help you find the music you want. And so, here's how it looks like without any search stuff, just the front page

youtubemp3 cloud front page

and here's how search results look like, simply click on any of the video thumbnails to start the mp3 conversion process.

youtube mp3 cloud search results top 20

After all said and done, select the one video you want to convert to mp3 and click on it to begin.

Download Youtube mp3 converted

When all is set and ready for the download, you will see something like this. Here you just need to click the big green button and mp3 converting will commence. Wait a few seconds, and mp3 download will begin automatically.

download mp3 convert

Works with long Youtube playlists is proud to be one of those sites that help with playlists. They will not search for playlists if you thought that was the case. No, but if you have the URL - the address of the playlist on Youtube, then you can copy it and paste it into the white search box, and instead of searching for stuff, you will see a list of videos included in that playlist, and it'll be easy to download them all one by one.

I hope you like this review and feel safe now to use this website. If not - let me know what you don't like about it, and we'll try to pass it over to the creator. Thanks for your time!!



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