Top 5 Best Youtube Mp3 Converter online

Here comes the first list on Youdown.Review and it's the big one right away: the list of top 5 Youtube to mp3 converters, or as least according to how we see the situation here... All 5 sites have been out there for a few years, all 5 have endured extra attention and emerged even stronger and more private.. So there's a chance that one of them may sooner or later disappear, but generally speaking this list should help you out for years to come.

All 5 sites have popups and most have push notifications. Couple of them have static ads and banners. Some push their software or apps. All this is just noise that we need to learn to ignore. And just cut past all this BS right to the center of the service - Youtube mp3 conversion and download of produced mp3. This is all we care about. So we shall ignore popups and ads. Or block them with some adblocker software, it's all up to you. Me? I personally only have Windows Defender on my PC, not even a proper antivirus, and in last 15 years (fingers crossed, of course) I only had 1 major meltdown (of my PC, well, that was when I also melted down for a bit before was able to restore something)...

In any case, all I want to say is this: if you are careful enough, refuse any apps or software installs, refuse and close all offers and tabs with suggestions of enabling something to see something... All this is attempts to make you pay or get into a situation where you'll be happy to pay to get rid of some ransomware, so be careful... But As I said, I am a walking talking proof enough that with care and good attitude you can avoid viruses and malware even without specialized software..

And so let's talk about the 5 biggest names in Youtube to mp3 conversion. They are Y2mate, Ytmp3, Flvto, Convert2mp3, Listentoyoutube.


y2mate The biggest one at this time, ranking top 200 most visited sites in the world, very close to Soundcloud by traffic numbers, roughly of course, yet can you believe it? is one of the most reliable ones, it helps download and convert Youtube videos to mp4 and mp3, as well as do same for 100s other websites. It's quite an ultimate one-stop-destination. But it's most heavily commercialized, so beware popups.


flvto Here we see another long-standing player on the scene - Flvto mp3 and it's quite fantastic. Works fast, supports many sources for video downloads, and converts Youtube videos to mp3, what else is needed? It can probably do it. Plus multi-lingual user interface really helps.


convert2mp3 Another big name is Convert to mp3 and it's made the name in Germany mostly. There's also English localization, but that's where it ends. Although UX is quite easy to understand and navigate even if you don't speak any of the 2 languages represented. Convert2mp3 can search Youtube videos and convert those to mp3.


Ytmp3 This is yet another well known name, Ytmp3 party and it's quite amazing, apart from being heavily littered with ads and push notifications. But if you avoid those, - you're granted access to functionality like no other. This site can handle Youtube playlists, it also has top 20 most popular videos for each language that it uses (4), and it supports direct Youtube video search without actually leaving the site, so that;s something.


Listentoyoutube And finally a breath of fresh air, a site with less popups and ads, yet it does issue 1 popup per mp3, so maybe the least problematic. Plus it does Youtube search right from the input bar, so no need to copy-paste the video URL all the time. Check it out, it's classic Listen To Youtube situation..


With these 5 Youtube to mp3 converter websites you are covered no matter what. If one doesn't convert your video - try the other one. Sometimes you'll come across such situations where 1 is unable but the other one is capable.. So give each one a try, check them out, learn their ways, and you'll be all set for the years to come, all set with cool music that is.. Good Luck. And don't forget - don't share any of the mp3s with anyone, just tell them how you obtained them..



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