Ymp4 is new kind of Youtube Video Downloader site

Hello and glad to be back writing for Youdown.Review again. The website had to go into hiding for a few months, but now we're back and delivering the freshest news from the niche. And this time I'd like to talk about how hard it is to make and maintain Youtube video downloader website and/or software. I have tried, oh I have tried. Seeing how I talk a lot about different other sites, over the years I've learned how to do this on my own. And I went for it, that's why there's been the silence for months in this blog, where I open my heart to all the internet stranger passer-by-ers..

How to try and make your own Youtube downloader?

This is not the right place to talk about making your own. I will tell you how to try.. Heh.. First you need a lot of good knowledge of Linux, or at least Windows server, but then your array of tools becomes so much smaller if you trade Linux for Windows. And so first thing not to try will be getting your own domain name. Then you shouldn't put together all the tools you need to have a decent Youtube video downloader site. I am listing it here as a link just to give you a taste, - click it, check it out.. This is not something I made, but something I tried to look up to when I was making my own website...

youtube mp4 front page with top 20

And here the problems began.. With every day user flow increased, first my server was blocked by Youtube, then several proxies I hider for this got blocked 2 days into 1 month contracts, so I needed more proxies and for another day or two? Eventually I found Vultr was good for hourly proxy rentals.. So that kinda helped not to rent monthly proxies that ran out of usage in 2 days... But then data transfer started killing the few proxies I had working, and new, more was necessary to add.. So after reaching several thousands of dollars of invoices and having literally nothing to show for the product, I gave up and wen over to use youtube mp4 - the easy and cool site which I thought I could help and make my own.. Omg.. months of life spent, lost for nothing, just wisdom not to try this at home again...

youtube mp4 downloader and converter options

Youtube mp4 downloader features

Here's a few things Ymp4 can do for you:

  1. convert youtube to mp4 and mp3
  2. download videos from youtube and 100s of other sites and social networks
  3. all this with many formats and options
  4. all guaranteed to work because of 1000s of proxies being used

YMp4 has builtin search suggestions:

Try it out, it's very helpful, just type in 2-3 letters of the search keyword, and it will most likely materialize in front of you in a menu of suggested search tags for your geo area.. Isn't it sweet? Yes, for sure, it is very nice. Plus you can change language of the website and see what videos are returned for the search in different countries, isn't it fun to try?

ymp4 with search suggestion tags

Otherwise be caref cause this site does offer some nasty popups and some low-level advertising, some of it maybe inappropriate for work, but most of us use this site on the phones, so it won't be an issue, really.. Try this out, see how it works, it can help download videos from youtube and other services, convert them to mp4, mp3 and other formats.. See for youtself..



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