Y2mate - Youtube video downloader & converter

Y2mate is one of those sites that really stand out. Not only it is a great Youtube downloader site, it also works perfect as youtube mp3 converter. Way to cover all the corners! That's why my next, or rather current story is about Y2mate. Did you know it's currently one of top 300 websites in the world? With those numbers they probably get 5-10 million daily visitors. That is just wow... Yesterday Youdown.review has had... maybe 15 visitors... Well, obviously I have nothing to offer here but my opinions, but still 5-10 million visitors?? I bet my server would blow up from so much traffic...

And so I decided to cover the topic of Y2mate on my blog. Here we're going now to look at the steps required for successful operation of Y2mate and see the screenshots of someone else (me) doing it on desktop PC. Otherwise lets do it.

Step 1. Open Y2mate front page

Here's what it looks like for me.

y2mate front page

As you can see, dark color scheme is in place, and personally I love it. All those white sites they burn my retinas, I spend too much time online or in front of the monitor for that case.. Have you ever noticed how it almost burns your eyes to switch from dark screen onto white bright screen? Well... More dark themes please!! 😎

Step 2. Locate Youtube video to download by using search bar

There';s that white search/input bar on top. Well it can accept a full blown video URL, or you can forget about that and simply search Youtube videos from that box. Check out how their autocomplete suggestions help finish search in just 2 key strokes.

y2mate search suggestions

If there is not suggestion you like, simply finish typing your search and hit GO to perform it. Up to a dozen videos will be shown that match your query, pick one or more and proceed to clicking them.

Step 3. Select video to download from search results

Here we see the video grid and each item is clickable. You can use CTRLl+Click to open new tabs or use this tab, - search results won't disappear until you refresh page or run new search.

y2mate search results

Finally I select that video second from top and left and click on it to download it ... on next screen... Mind you it is my only 2nd click on this site.. So... Count clicks..

y2mate download youtube video

Finally we're on the final screen that shows download links and sizes and formats. Click on any download button to proceed. It will most likely start streaming, so if you intended that - enjoy, but if you wanted to download video file - Right-Click on the download link and select Save Link As from the menu. In the save file dialog you can change filename as usually those are just digits and letters... Or "videoplayback" for Youtube happens a lot..

In any case, hopefully after this article you now have necessarily knowledge and skills to overcome the lazyness and download Youtube videos and music with Y2mate. Enjoy!



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