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Have you ever needed to get online video to your device? Well, don't look no more! Getvideo is here and can help. With Getvideo you will download online videos from 500 of different websites and social networks. Getvideo is safe and secure, it uses https secure access, so none of your activity here is recorded or logged. I mean, https doesn't mean that, but in any case, your ISP won't know where you are spending so much time..

Now lets check how Getvideo works, and how we can use it for our personal needs. Such as download online videos. We will now go over the steps necessary to have all the desired music quickly downloaded to your laptop or mobile device. Here's how we can do it.

Step 1. visit Getvideo

Getvideo offers great features, such as Youtube direct search, with possible localized search autocomplete. It's usually enough to simply type in 1-2 letters of the song title or artist name you're looking for, and there will be suggestions to satisfy your search. You can click them to speed up the process.

getvideo front page

Here's how Getvideo looks like. Very nice dark colored design makes it very easy for my eyes. Personally I love dark color-themed sites - much more inviting to me..

Step 2. Use Youtube search autocomplete

Just start typing. For "daddy y yankee" I just need to type in d-a-d and select suggestion from the top of the list. Very easy, isn't it? You can also finish typing your personal search query, because autocomplete doesn't always know your taste, so it might never offer what you're searching. So finish typing the name or title and hit GO, it will perform proper Youtube search and return relevant results, even without suggestion...

getvideo youtube search

Having selected what we want, we automatically slide down to the 3rd step..

Step 3. Select 1 or more videos to download

Now you can easily click on any video you would like to download or convert to mp3, and click on it, or tap it, if you're mobile. Here's what I see after searching for "daddy y yankee". Also this site has several languages available, and I didn't notice that all my screenshots are in Spanish... I speak both English and Spanish, so for me this wasn't an issue, so I just didn't think about everyone else there.. Well, more reason for you to visit Getvideo and read it in English yourself! 😂😂

getvideo search results

Now select the video you want to download and click on it. Next step is the actual download.

Step 4. Download Youtube Video (or mp3 audio)

Here we are, ready to download video from Youtube. There are many options, many formats, even audio can be downloaded as webm, m4a and mp3. Yes, Getvideo includes mp3 converter. Simply look down to find Mp3 option in download possibilities list, and click the download button next to it to begin converting video to mp3. Mp3 converter only works with a handful of most popular video sites.

getvideo download youtube video

So as you see, Get video is fast, nice and quite rapido. Check it out for yourself, 500 supported websites tell for themselves though.. I know I like it! 🐵🐵



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