- Download Tiktok Video & Audio

Hello. Today we maybe stepping away from the traditional (or maybe so far accepted and used avenue) method of talking about Youtube related websites. Now we're about to discuss Tiktok and how to download videos from Tiktok. We will also cover the step by step on how to convert Tiktok video to mp3. Buckle up, we have lots of great info for you! So we're talking about TTDOWN.ORG - the best Tiktok video downloader on the internet...

Step 0. Copy Tiktok video URL 

It can be done easily via tiktok app or in the browser. Simply tap and hold the video until menu pops up, there select Copy Link or Copy URL Address, depending on your browser or operational system, platform... Having copied the video link, head over to and check it out. 

copy tiktok video URL

You can do ahead and paste video URL into the search box on top of the page.

Step 1. Paste video URL into ttdown search box

Simply right-click in the box, select Paste. If you're mobile, tap and hold in the box, select Paste icon. Here's how it looks like on my computer. Yes, I write on PC, desktop too, not a laptop, so I am comfy and don't need to tap-and-hold stuff.. They actually have a green shortcut button there down the page, you can always drag and drop it to bookmarks in the browser, and when seeing tiktok video - hit that bookmark, and copy-pasting video URL becomes yesterday's problem.. 

paste tiktok video url into searchbox

Otherwise having that URL in the box, hit GO and see what happens...

Step 2. Download Tiktok video 

Now you can go ahead and download the video. With the big red download button simply right-click on it and from the menu select Save Link As. This ensures that video won't start playing instead of download, plus you can always switch video-file the name to something you like better. Here's how it looks like for me:

download tiktok video file

Watch out, there's actually green Download Mp3 button under the red Download HD Video button, so that one can help us download Tiktok audio! 

Step 3. Download Tiktok audio as mp3

If you've seen the app, you'll know that it's all about making short videos and slightly editing them right on your smartphone. So to make this whole thing more interesting, Tiktok has lots of fresh music to add to the video. That famour "ride my horse till i can't no more" song made it popular on tiktok first, then it went to the radios all over the world.. So yeah, they have good music on Tiktok that anyone can add to their videos. And thus, anyone can download Tiktok audio as mp3. Simply locate the green Download mp3 button and click it.

download mp3 from tiktok video

Now right-click the currently red Download Mp3 button, click it or right-click it and save it to your device. As easy as breathing. Right? And now you have 10-15 seconds long clip from the famous song. You know what you can do with it, right? Yes, make it your new ringtone! Or anything else you like. 

So hopefully now you know exactly how to download video from Tiktok and how to turn it into short mp3 audio file on your smartphone. Good luck! 



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