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I am beginning to take on the challenge of having website name on every little post image I make. I already tried earlier, then forgot, then again trying now. How does it look? In any case, we're here to talk about another great website, it brands as simple youtube to mp3 converter and it is basically that - a very simple little website for everyone.

How to use

It's quite simple, and I will not be going into deep explorations. All you need is the video URL from Youtube. You can copy that from Share button located on any video, or below it, or maybe somewhere around it. It is present in the Youtube app, it's in any embedded video, simply find it. You can also copy video URL from browser address bar, from the app video grid, from literally anywhere a Youtube video is displayed.

With video link safely copied and stored in your device clipboard, navigate to and find the blue-white search box in the center of white background... Kinda overly simple, so it makes it a bit less discernible.. No matter, all you do now is paste video URL into that box. To paste it, right-click in the box and select Paste, or tap and tap-and-hold in the box until menu with Paste (or its icon) shows up.

youtube to mp3 converter at work

Having pasted video URL into the search box of, go ahead now and hit the blue GO button to the right. What happens now is the site loads 2 mp3 converter buttons - red and green. They both work fast, I tried and tested. Both produce similar quality of 256-320kbps mp3. Green button adds artist, song title and album art to the mp3, so it maybe a bit more convenient to find it on your device later.

Download youtube to mp3 converter songs

Go ahead, now, click or tap on any of the 2 buttons. Mp3 will be in your downloads folder in a jiffy. Now you can try another URL, I recommend this time try the other button, see if it works faster for you. After a few tries you will know what button produces mp3 faster for you, and which download is speedier.

That's it pretty much, now you know how to download Youtube songs for free using this resource. It's very simple, easy to use and clean user interface, leaving great experience. I will be checking it out probably later more... I like ad-less mp3 converters..



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