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And here comes the fist review. In my second post and first review, I would like to talk about Youtubemp3. It's a great youtube to mp3 converter, in my opinion - one of the best. And below I will try to prove to you that this service is as amazing as I imagine it to be.

Meet Youtubemp3 today

The website is awesome, it's very fast and easy to use. It only works with Youtube videos, and in best times it offers several download options from different sources, so that you could pick the fastest one for you and use that one. At this moment site only shows 1 download button, used to be 5 or 6. But recently Youtube changed a bit in their data serving, so other buttons stopped working supposedly. I frequent this site myself, there is a reason I call it best youtube to mp3 converter, right?

youtubemp3 in action

This is the screenshot of their front page with a video already entered into the search box and download button already showing. One last step is to download HQ 320kbps mp3. Check it out, you will like it.

Best youtube to mp3 converter

Here are the few reasons I personally think this one is the best among many many others:

  1. Fast website with responsive design looks great both desktop and mobile
  2. Very quick load of mp3 download button
  3. Has built-in Youtube video search, to activate it simply start typing anything in the search box. It uses Youtube to predict your typing with most popular searches, if you type 'A' & 'R' it most likely will offer 'Ariana Grande' as first option. Simply select that, and site will instantly offer a dozen videos by the singer to convert to mp3 and download.
  4. There are no ads on this site, zero popups - amazing, in this day and age, it's a big thing to find such site without any annoying popups or malware. Kudos!
  5. There's a Top 20 most downloaded songs. As of right now it's not visible, but there's the link and the section is shown, so maybe it'll be back some time..
  6. Mp3 conversion happens pretty fast, about 10-15 sec for a 5 minute video. The button has nice feedback with the process of downloading media and converting it to mp3. Sometimes it fails to do the job - simply refresh and repeat, most "protected" videos fall prey to it after 3-4 attempts.
  7. Downloaded mp3 has full shebang of meta data, including artist, title and album. And video thumbnail is included for album art, so mp3 can easily be located in 100s of others you probably have...


What is there left to say? is truly amazing, it's free, fast, void of ads or popups, works great and never fails to deliver great music. Download music from Youtube using this site!



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