What is this site about?

Hello. With this first post I am finally opening my website for Youtube downloaders reviews. Why did I start this site? Mostly to talk about other sites and projects that help make our lives easier by assisting with video downloads that would be considered overly complicated otherwise. Does it make things clear?

I know there are other sites that do exactly same - talk about these resources and discuss, and even Wikipedia has a page, but we all know anyone can edit that thing.. But my site will always be up to date, all discussed programs and websites will be constantly monitored on the subject of being in working condition..

Youtube always changes, and so have to change services that help download videos from Youtube. Some admins are always on top of it, others take weeks to check back and fix their site, make it work again.. If something changes in Youtube, all those apps need updates... So generally I will be planning not to talk about apps, just websites. Reaction there is much faster, I like websites for my Youtube downloaders. Plus they can be accessed from any platform, no need to get special app on Android device, on Windows Laptop and Apple Ipad, etc.. Just use same website on all platforms.

I am also trying out this database-less CMS type of thing, so don't blame, if this blog doesn't look as candy as Wordpress blogs do. Just tired of wordpress...

Why download videos from Youtube?

That's a very simple question. There are multiple situations when one needs to download video from Youtube, most of those situations are normal, legal and legitimate. No matter how much Youtube wants to make it look illegitimate to download videos from their platform, in most cases it's people getting their favorite cat videos to be reshared on a different platform, from twitter to facebook, something like that.. Some people just store their videos online, and sometimes want to restore lost video library on their laptop. Etc, and so on.. There are so many normal reasons to use these websites...

DVR the internet to watch offline

You can also use these sites to download music videos and other supposedly copyrighted materials. In situations like that, you should better consider it as DVR-ing the video to watch later, offline, when you have time and desire. With DVR one thing should be respected at all times - files cannot (or must not) leave the device they were saved to, so this will not be considered sharing, but rather saving it for personal enjoyment at a later time - exactly what DVR is all about..

Just be careful. If you download something from Youtube, - keep it to yourself. You are free to share the fact you did it, tell friends where and explain how they can do it themselves, but do not give them files, cause that's a whole new level of responsibility...

Otherwise I am happy you're here, check out my posts on different Youtube converters and downloaders. Enjoy!



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