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This one is about SaveVideo - the 2nd spot in the top 5 of Saveclipbro alternatives. The list we published is having quite a feedback in the community of online video downloaders, so it's time to continue reviewing sites in that list, as it was published without anything yet reviews. So far thought we've covered Keepvid review and Savemedia review. Not time to touch up on SaveVideo.

Save online videos with SaveVideo

The website name is quite straightforward. It exists to help you save video. More words would be "save online videos to your device for offline access". This site presents itself as the savior of your monthly data. And it's true. Save online video to your smartphone on free WIFI and watch it any time anywhere excluding any data transfer from the equation. When video is on your device, it's accessible at any time, is can be watched offline, without Internet access, it can be preserver for years to come, without the need to rely on Youtube to keep that video up there..

How to use SaveVideo to save video from Youtube?

This is just an example, since 90% of the people need to download Youtube videos, we will present this tutorial for a video on Youtube. Apparently this site can save video from over 300 other sites.. So this is how to save Youtube video with SaveVideo:

  • Find video on Youtube that you'd like to save to your device
  • Now copy video link. It is easy to do via Share button located on the video. Hit that and select Copy Link. Also you can right-click and copy video from that menu, if you're on desktop.
  • With link in clipboard, open SaveVideo and paste video link URL into the search box on top. Hit GO button.
  • Momentarily many download options for this video will come up. Pick one and download the video. Or convert Youtube video to mp3.
  • Downloads work best via Right Mouse click and Save Link As option. If video starts streaming, use this technique to save youtube video

Here's how their front page looks like:

Save Online Videos with Savevideo

You can see it's nice dark design with very properly accentuated button and search box making it very easy to grasp how this site can work, even if you aren't familiar with the type. Don't forget this site is catering to Youtube, so there are additional features that only work there, such as:

  • Built-in Youtube to mp3 converter works great and produces mp3 quite fast, almost instant for popular music, must be some caching or instant conversion piping..
  • SaveVideo can process Youtube playlists, just give it one, and see the magic. Access each playlist video and download it or convert to mp3, up to you..
  • Site has Youtube search with country-specific auto-complete suggestions. Very nice feature, as it eliminates the need to copy-paste video URL. Although in case this Youtube video is blocked in your country, it won't be found thru search, so you can copy-paste video link like usual process.
  • Secure https access makes your presence on this site virtually untraceable by your internet provider. There are no popups or banners of any kind, very friendly user interface, and leaves you wanting to come back.
  • These last 2 are not related to Youtube, but I continue anyway... Site is a proper online video converter, since it can work with over 300 video and audio websites.


Savevideo is nice, fast and very cool, works with many sites and is friendly and welcoming with nice user interface. Check it out, it is even linked on convert2mp3 there to get the video after getting the mp3. SaveVideo is fresh, safe and easy to use. Give it a try!



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