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Hello. Here's another review of the 1 of top 5 online video downloaders and converters to replace Saveclipbro that was shut down just weeks ago. Now I am looking at SaveMedia, the 3rd position in the list of alternatives to SaveClipBro.

Savemedia promises to help save Youtube video to your device. And being the proper Youtube downloader & converter, Savemedia also helps to convert Youtube videos to mp3. That's what they are all about - both video and audio downloads, but not just audio as m4a or webm formats, no, a good Youtube downloader should be able to convert video to mp3 as well as download video as mp4 file. And Savemedia does both things well.

Youtube downloader & mp3 converter

Savemedia is awesome. It's full-featured Youtube downloader, if you ask me. Here're some of the full features:

  1. Savemedia can download videos from Youtube as mp4, webm, etc
  2. It can download audio from Youtube as m4a, webm, etc
  3. It works great with Youtube playlists
  4. Savemedia can convert Youtube videos to mp3 with high quality sound.
  5. Mp3 files include metadata such as artist name, song title, album art, etc.
  6. Youtube search is built-in with geo-specific auto-complete search suggestions.

There are of course other features, but these are the most important ones to be called a proper full-featured Youtube downloader website.

How to use Savemedia to save Youtube video?

Here are the main steps on how to use this website... First we start with search and auto-complete suggestions:

search auto suggest on savemedia

Then we select whatever suggestion we like, or maybe we can even finish typing something very specific, and hit the search button to the right. Up to 12 videos show up which Youtube thinks fit your search query, also according to your locale.

Youtube search results on Savemedia

After this all we need is to select the video we want to download, and click on it. Wait a second or two until download options load up, and go for it - download the video. The image below depicts the best way to save video from Youtube to your device - by using Right-click + 'Save Link as' method. This way you can save it with the name you want and it won't start streaming as many videos try to do instead of download.

save youtube video

Online Video Converter

SaveMedia can also be safely called online video converter, as it can download and convert videos from several hundred websites and video portals. It can also convert videos from some of them and save to mp3. Try and you will see, SaveMedia can work with Facebook videos, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok, all those p0rn sites - videos from the Internet can be downloaded and saved to your laptop or smartphone using SaveMedia.


In reality, there are sites that look nicer, work faster or deliver results sooner. Yes, there are such sites. But I do like retro-feel of SaveMedia and it's functional, you know? There are no extras that get in your way.. All is good, almost professional. Check it out, try it out, SaveMedia will surprise you!



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