SaveClipBro shutdown. Check top 5 alternatives!

It is a sad month in lives of many video enthusiasts like myself. Saveclipbro, a great website and an even greater app, has been gone, shut down and is now displaying "This project has been closed" (cry of despair, if you ask me) on their main page.. Here's what it looks like for me:

saveclipbro closed shutdown message

It is a sad month indeed.. Right after Youtubnow was closed without any notice, and finally the big fish - convert2mp3 was also taken offline.. I mean, those happened in May and June respectively, but still such losses were taken by the online video downloaders and mp3 converters comminity...

So if you are here because you're also searching for a great replacement to Saveclipbro, perfect alternative - it's impossible to find such, very few actually offer video editing online.. But here are a few sites I think can and will pick up some of bro's slack left overs..

Top 5 Saveclipbro alternatives

These are handpicked alternatives to Saveclipbro, not like some big online alternative-to community where people submit links and apps and such.. This is personalized list, so it's guaranteed to be fresh and all resources up and working... Give up the Big Alternatives, ask the little guy with the home-made recipe.. 🤣🤣 In any case, here they are...

#1 - Keepvid - the best choice

Check it out, Keepvid is fresh, different and ready to download videos from over 300 websites.. Read my review of Keepvid.

#2 - SaveVideo - second best

Very fast, this site loads in under a second and gets video info very fast too. Easy on the eyes night shades.. Read my review of SaveVideo

#3 - SaveMedia - great old site

Savemedia helps save Youtube videos, convert them to mp3 and do the same to several hundred other sites! Read my review of Savemedia.

#4 - YtMp4 - good for video

Not good for audio.. As a matter of fact, this is the weakest replacement for Saveclipbro..

#5 - Online Video Converter - multilingual

This site is claiming territory on several continents.. With 12 different languages covering most of the world..


There's no way someone could replace Saveclipbro, but if they do, I want to know about it! To reflect it here, of course... Otherwise here I've successfully presented 5 great working alternatives to Saveclipbro.




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