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Lots of things are happening all over the world, but one fact remains certain - there're tons of free music on Youtube, and everyone should get whatever tracks they want free and easy. And is the place to do that. Simply drop a line with some keywords hooked to it, and moments later you pull out fat tasty fish (song, of course, it's about music and songs). Sorry for my weak attempts at capitalizing on this site's name... I guess they already did it and owned it, so now I can't come up with a good joke about it. Maybe later...

So let's jump right in. This is an amazing site, it's a great youtube converter mp3, it will help you find free music on Youtube and download it to your device. Doesn't matter if you're mobile, on your laptop or desktop - it works on any platform and device, as long as you have the internet and a browser to surf it.

How to find free music on Youtube using Mp3.Fishing

Easier than it sounds. The whole process can be broken into 4 easy steps. After completing each one of them, you're guaranteed to have free new song on your device. Here they are:

Step 1 - Open website

Just click the link right above this, and you'll be sent to, the place to fish for free music on Youtube. Here how it looks on my desktop:

youtube downloader mp3 front page

Now we go ahead 2 ways. We can either go to Youtube, copy video link and paste it in the white box, hit green button and have mp3 download buttons ready for us. But let's go the easier way that doesn't involve any copy-pasting and doesn't have us leave website at all.

Step 2 - Find music you want to download on Youtube

For that you don't need to leave the site, just type in your search in the white box and hit Enter. I actually used the awesome auto-complete suggestions from Youtube. You can use them too, or you can straight-up finish typing your search and go your way. Here's how the process looks for me:

search youtube from

Step 3 - Pick the video you like to convert to mp3

After submitting the search string, up to a dozen videos (thumbnails) will load up - pick one and click on it. You're almost there!!

youtube search results on - pick one

Step 4 - finally, download mp3, select 1 of 2 sources for it

Here now you can see 2 download sources, green and red button, hit on either one and it will convert youtube video to mp3 and have you download it in 10-15 seconds. Try both buttons to start, and afterwards use the one that's fastest for you.

download free song from youtube

Here you can see it's very easy to download Youtube mp3 using website.

Why use to download free youtube mp3?

There are multiple reasons to switch to, for example:

  • has no ads, no popups, no malware
  • site is new and very fast, offers 2 different download sources for best performance and speed
  • nice dark color scheme for the night owls like me
  • fast page loads, good mobile responsive design, easy to use and very nice user interface, 1 page wonder
  • with little traffic so far this site is never overloaded, always ready to do the job
  • works great with youtube playlists, search doesn't find them, but if you copy link from youtube and submit it into the search box, you can get all videos from this playlist nicely lined up ready to be youtube downloader mp3 food.


Nice site, fast and friendly. Check it out, it'll be good for you! 😊



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