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Listentoyoutube is an old service exactly up our alley - it's a great Youtube mp3 converter and it has long history of delivering free music to the masses. There is a feeling that this .online domain version is not the same people that did original .com domain version that disappeared maybe in January 2019. But maybe it's them, who knows.

Why Listen To Youtube

This site's main idea is that instead of watching all these videos online, you can just download them as mp3 and listen to (Youtube videos) instead. And that's all there is to this website, really. It is an mp3 converter for Youtube. Why would you wanna just listen to Youtube without videos?

  1. You get no advertising, no interruptions or commercial breaks
  2. You don't waste bandwidth (monthly data) on multiple views of your favorite videos
  3. You don't need Internet access to return to this song if it is stored as mp3 on your device
  4. If it's taken off Youtube, it's still on your laptop - enjoy it with limitless possibilities
  5. DVR music from the Internet this way, save to your Smartphone or Desktop
  6. If we are thinking why use this site over others... It has built-in Youtube video search with autocomplete suggestions - no need to copy-paste URL.
  7. It works with URL too, just copy it from your Internet Browser or Youtube app, and paste into the white search box, hit blue button.
  8. Search results are reusable, click on any video and convert it to mp3 without the need to resubmit search again later..

How to use this Youtube mp3 converter?

It is quite a straightforward and clean website, if you ask me. I can say such things, because if you are reading this, you might as well have asked me, and I am answering... Right? LOL... 🐷🐷 So if you ask me, it is very easy to use ListenToYoutube to download and save free music from Youtube. So here are the steps I took to create this nice view with bunch of videos to convert for testing purposes...

1. Open ListenToYoutube in your internet browser

Simply click on that link and it'll be opened for you.

2. Search Youtube for the video you want as mp3

Now simply start typing your search keywords. I only needed to enter "q" and here's my favorite Queen in suggestions. Easy? You bet your tasty flakes it is!!

youtube mp3 converter search suggest

After selecting "queen" I've noticed 12 videos load up for the converting.

3. Hit on any video and convert it to mp3

Thos aren't really videos, but rather their thumbnails. Clicking on any one of them will load video link into search box and mp3 converter button will show up, just like it's in this screenshot I took in preparation for this article, research and all...

Listentoyoutube mp3 converter video selection

This image shows the 12 videos that were suggested by Youtube for my search of "Queen". It also shows the green button which loads up when you click on any of the videos. Click that green button, wait 5-10 seconds for the video to be converted to mp3, and voila, it's here and it goes onto your smartphone storage for later offline listening. Truly easy and anger-free process.

ListenToYoutube is full of ads πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ befware!!

Keep in mind, this is an old site with a very established user base, so they probably learned to ignore all those popups this site produces... Otherwise be careful, don't react to any of those popups any way other than closing them as soon as they open. Otherwise ListenToYoutube is a very nice useful site.

ListenToYoutube 3 Best Alternatives

Lets say you're looking for an alternative site that will be maybe even better than this one? Maybe less or no ads is a good option? Well then here are the 3 best alternatives for ListenToYoutube:

  1. - great free site, no ads, works with playlists, very fast, multiple download options
  2. Mp3.Fishing - simple, one page site with dark skin and awesome for playlists, Youtube downloader mp3 included
  3. - while a great video converter online in general, it also works as youtube to mp3 converter, try it out


If you have some kind of ad-block - you're golden! This site will be your perfect stop-and-shop for free Youtube music.. Although this site doesn't work with Youtube playlists. It's a great Youtube mp3 converter, but it has limited extras, or none of those extras, so... Yeah... Keep that in mind.



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