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Yesterday I posted my take on best 5 alternatives for SaveClipBro, and now I realize of course it was more of a rush decision. Yes, the site is down and many users are looking for a replacement, thus I wanted to offer my 2 cents.. But I now see that none of the sites in that list are reviewed yet... Not here, at least. So my task for next few posts will be reviewing the top 5 Saveclipbro replacements.. 🤣🤣

Keepvid video downloader online

Keepvid was the first one in that list. I personally admire the site and consider it quite awesome. First of all it continues the great traditions of Keepvid - nice, clean design, easy user interface and quick delivery of results. Just watch out, there are many keepvids, this one is KEEPV.ID - the shortest and thus the coolest spelling of the website name. That's another reason I love it..

Site loads very fast and gets video information extremely fast. It has built-in Youtube search, so in 90% of the time you won't even need to copy the video link - just search for the video right on Keepvid. It works with Youtube playlists, it is great help with over 300 sites and social networks. Facebook downloader? Check. Instagram converter? Check. Aparat video downloader? Also there. Most famous sites are supported.

How to download online videos with Keepvid

And here's a short tutorial on how to do it for a video on Youtube. Sometimes we all want to reshare something, take it from one social network and put it up on the other. Whenever such activities occupy your time, - cut that time shorter with Keepvid. It will help download videos from pretty much all social networks. But here's how I downloaded Avengers trailer from Youtube.

Step 1. Find the video you want to download

I simply opened in my chrome browser, and clicked in the search box on top, started typing A...V... and voila, "Avengers trailer" is one of top 5 auto-suggested auto-completes. I simply click on it, and see a bunch of videos to convert or download instantly. Here's how I see it:

keepvid how to step 1 - pick video to download

I click on one of the videos, and almost instantly see the download options...

Step 2. Pick your download size & format and go for it!

That's it, there's nothign to it, no secrets, no rocket science, it's very easy to do even for a complete newbie who never even dealt with videos or websites.. Here's what I see for the download options:

keepvid how to step 2 - choose desired format and download

From here we only have 1 way to go - select the format and size and all, and download video. Or convert it to mp3, that is also an option, along with several audio-only download possibilities, such as m4a, webm-audio, ogg, etc. The easiest way to download video file as of late is to right-click the download link and select Save As, then type in proper file name (optional), and submit the form.

Keepvid is Youtube converter

Keepvid is the best tool if you need Youtube converter. Using keepvid you can download and convert youtube videos to many formats, including mp3 and mp4.

Keepvid is Youtube Downloader

Yes, Keepvid is full-fledged Youtube downloader. It offers all kinds of different Youtube video formats, with audio or without, just audio or just subtitles, if present. Keepvid can download any media from Youtube. And do it very quick.


Check out - it's one of the best online video downloaders I've come across recently. If you think Youtube search is excessive - then don't use it, simply copy-paste video URL into the search box and hit GO. Keepvid works with several hundred different video sources and can convert some of them to mp3.



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